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1 to 1 STEM Tutoring

1 TO 1 TUTORING is the best most proven way to guarantee deep meaningful & tailored Learning in coding & Tech subjects.


Our tutors in Perth are all professional, personable, and love coding and all things tech-related. All of our team have achieved an excellent study score in their respective subjects, and critically have the precise subject matter expertise in the code or technology you want your child to learn or excel at. To become a tutor with Edgyx, all tutors must possess a valid Working with Children’s Check and be screened by the Police; they must also complete a detailed interview and detailed training. We take care of partnering with the right person from our team to work with you and your child.

It takes a very precise technical and personable and communicative style to work excellently with children, and we take great care to deliver the optimum learning experience for you.

We will provide you with practical hard skills that will enable your child to thrive in the future of this fast-moving technological world; that schools and regular educational institutions struggle to keep pace with.


How We Can help your child to reach their full potential in the world of the future!

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As a parent you may have had your child on an introductory level coding or tech program or had an introduction in school? You and your child maybe frustrated at the lack of tailored focused learning at an appropriate level for your child’s specific learning goals in coding or technology? Or you may have a child with a very specific focus on wanting to learn how to build an App or Game which just cannot be accommodated in a group or classroom setting? Or a child with a natural aptitude for coding who needs to be challenged and is hungry for more!

- Primary & High School Students

- Ages 6- 18 +

- Beginners/Intermediate Levels

- Adult & Children Learning together

- Beginner Adult Coding Learners

WHERE?: We find 1 to 1 session in your own homework best. Alternatively, we deliver via Zoom or at a location we use from time to time for 1 to1 tutoring.



Whether you want to explore AI, Robotics, Virtual Reality, or the future of Drones and Self Driving cars – Coding is at the heart of all of it. Let us help you prepare for the future!

Coding Languages: Python, PHP, ASP.Net, C#, HTML, HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, Jquery

Game Design: Unity, Game-maker, G Develop, Scratch

Website Development: WordPress/Squarespace/Wix/Shopify/HTML development

Robotics: Mechatronics and Robotics Control and Coding – Please enquire

This is not an exhaustive list – if you have a specific request regarding technology-related learning you are seeking. Please outline in an email to
If you are ready to book your first 10 hours of Tutorials and are clear about what you want – please click on the bookings link below – fill out the booking form – book your hours and we will be in touch to organize everything with you – Please take care to answer all questions on the form thoroughly as this will save time and effort later.

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Robot Building

Holiday Workshop Programme

Discover how to build Humanoid Robots using Lego Mindstorm EV3's.


See and experience working with a range of robotic technology that will keep all budding robotic and engineer coders on their toes!


3 Days of discovering new and exciting developments in Robotics, Mechatronics, and Robotic Engineering.

Robot Building
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