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Deepfakes to Enhancing Student Learning
AI Incursions For Years 4 - 12.
We create incursions using a Range of AI
1 & 2 hour Plus Incursions:
  • Using Chat Gpt for enhanced learning
  • Basic Data Science/Machine Learning
  • AI Tools Canva/Bing/Bard
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Midjourney
  • Google teachable
  • Scratch Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Lobe
  • Runway Ml
Junior & High Schools/ Vacation Care Programs

How Many can take Part?
10 - 500 Students

What do we need to run this?
Classrooms/Student Laptops/ Access to the Internet. Call or email us for clarification

Duration: Minimum 2 Hours to longer learning times required for each Incursion.


To Book Now & Further Information simply click here
and mail us

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AI Chat Programs 
For Children All Ages

Help Your Child Discover & Maximize AI GPT


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