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Games Design Workshops

Game Design Kids Workshops


With EdgyX, Game building workshop your kids will be able to design, build and play games. The workshop will ensure that your kids learn basic of coding, logic and game designing to the core. 


A blended and inclusive learning philosophy that puts the learner at the centre of a two way process, engages different learning styles, and focuses on engaging students in participating and enjoying the learning environment.


Our philosophy is based on adherence to the values of respect and belief that when suitably motivated any

learner can change, learn and lead; A belief that participation and enjoyment create a

respectful and meaningful learning environment for everyone is paramount.

We use:


Facilitation Skills:

You only remember 20% of what someone told you, you remember 80% of what you discover for yourself.


Small Student clusters and teamwork based on knowledge and experience are created coupled with direct instruction from our Minecraft Guru.


Advanced and beginner students will have their construction skills put to the test with individual and team based 3D challenges.


Advanced users will learn how to expand their world’s abilities by bringing in mods made by other people into their game.


Whether your students are veterans or new to the game this is an opportunity for them to explore, build and develop new skills.

  • Going way beyond just playing the Game

  • Designing Adventure Maps

  • Hosting your own server

  • Installing and managing MODS

  • All the latest Tips, Tricks, Cheats

  • Creating Resource Packs using Adobe Photoshop

  • Re-Skin blocks and items using Adobe Photoshop

  • Building Redstone circuits and Machines

  • Creating large Structures with MCEdit

Incursion/Course type


        STEM Incursion


        Year 3 to 7

Skill Level

        Beginner to Advanced


  1. Kodu

  2. Blender

  3. Python

  4. Gamemaker

Prerequisites for students






Download and Preparation instructions sent to school

Game Design Workshop Duration

2.5 Hours

Workshop Methodology:

Innovative blended learning taking account of learning styles and methodologies. The workshops are innovative and highly engaging. 


Students are broken into teams and work collaboratively on all our workshops.

​Ratio Guarantee

20 -30 Students

STEM Learning:



  • Logical ordering and reasoning

  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking

  • Geometry

  • Measurement

  • Maths Problem Solving

  • Engineering Technology and applications of science

  • Coding and Programming Skills


Other Learning:


  • Literacy: Reading, Writing, and listening through teamwork and team exercises

  • Team Leadership roles and skills

  • Creativity Skills – Spatial/Geometrical/Design

  • Problem Solving


​Workshop Includes:


  • Worksheets and team Exercises

  • Design Worksheets

  • Team & Individual Instruction and exercises

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