RobotIC Incursions



This workshop has a experimental and explorative focus.

Learning will take place in a highly engaging and practical manner.


A learning philosophy that puts the child at the centre of a two way process, engages different learning

styles, and focuses on engaging children in participating and enjoying the learning environment.We use a highly experiential approach designed to engage a broad range of skills.

Why should students learn Robotics:

In the near future students will need to learn how to interact, service, programme and build humanoid robots with advanced digital technology and artificial intelligence. It is likely that their ability to work with and understand robots and robotic technology will have profound effect on their employability as adults.


We can tailor a Robotics Workshop for you using the following:

Robotic Arm and body part kits to enable your students to engage in part building Humanoid Robots – Uniquely developed In western Australia by the Edgy X team
Lego Mind Storm and a range of other state of the art robot kits and technology; including Raspberry Pi.

Our Workshops can:


  • Focus on Mechatronics and Robotic engineering

  • Circuits motors and electronics

  • Coding and programming

  • Combination of these areas



Please advise us of what you would like to achieve and how we can help you with your students at Primary, High School or in Further and Higher education.


Incursion/Course type






Foundation to Yr. 12



Skill Level


Beginner to Advanced



Ratio Guarantee


20-30 Students

Prerequisites for students






To be advised for each bespoke workshop


Workshop Duration:




Workshop Methodology:


Innovative blended learning taking account of learning styles and methodologies. The workshops are innovative and highly engaging. 


Students are broken into teams and work collaboratively on all our workshops.