EDGYX prides itself on being at the forefront of important trends in education, entertainment
and the production and design of unique creative events – The EDGY in this business represents
bold and imaginative thinking not afraid of daring provocative or even experimental ideas
that have the power to excite, entertain and educate- often simultaneously.


We feel we balance the razors edge between creativity science and technology and more often than not balance the two together to create unique events, workshops, entertainment and Edutainment concepts -that we action and make happen independently or through our clients and partners.


We design education/edutainment and Events driven by scientific discovery and imagining the future as well as the past and present. We are experts in imagining how clients can use their space and atmosphere to create truly unique experiences for their customers or clients.


We partner with some of Australia’s leading talents in technology, performing arts and trainers/facilitators to deliver results for you.


Edgy X will use innovation in technology and Immersive entertainment concepts to create bespoke
events / expo / exhibitions for clients and produce and develop our own in conjunction with partners.
EDGYX - Holiday Program Perth

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