Website and Youtube Design 
 3 Day Program


Kids have heaps of ideas.  Let’s bring them to life!
Help your child succeed in the 21st century.
The online world is changing the way businesses work and reinventing and expanding opportunities for our children when they are older.  The education system is unable to keep up with the changing external environment and unless kids learn the art of creative thinking and business marketing skills early they may get left behind.  Learning these skills will give them opportunities others will not have.
Our aim is for kids to discover how to maximise the internet for future entrepreneurial endeavours.
About Our Website and Youtube Design Program

Our Website & Youtube Program helps kids:

  • Web Design

  • Marketing Your Youtube Channel

  • Thinking on their feet

  • Digital and online creative skills

  • Video editing and YouTube development

  • Online safety – personal and financial

  • Website Development

  • Create Your Own Website

  • Learn how to use HTML/CSS/Wix/Wordpress

  • Our Program is unique in its Tutor to Student Ratio


Parents will see the results in kids being active creators of technology rather than passive users.

Details: Next Dates: 5th - 7th July & 12th - 14th July 22 At Scotch College.

Dates: This program is a 3 Day Event

Age Range: 8 - 12 years

Skill Level: Beginner-intermediate

Price: $315.00 including GST


Hours:     8.30 am – 3.30 pm

Lunch:     BYO
Location:lScotch College


*Note:  It is beneficial if your child brings their own device - Laptop or Tablet

First Come - First Served!
About Our Website and Youtube Design Program


The goal of this Program is to let young children explore cutting edge technology, science and

engineering for enjoyment, challenge and learning. Significant time outside involved in other activities is

built into the program. This is not like school in any way and is carefully facilitated accounting for

age range, experience, learning styles and ability using the different technologies. We have developed

an awesome experience with the help of industry professionals to inspire young children to enjoy,

use and create using some of today’s leading technology and one or two old favourites.


Team work and group work abound over an action packed and fun three days!

Please note:


Computers are supplied -  you can bring your own device but work and settings will be completed on our computers.


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