EDGYX is Immersive:

EdgyX’s definition of Immersive experiences is character-driven narratives that make the audience or customers an indispensable part of the show or experience.


We can achieve immersion through technology from Fog Screens to virtual reality technologies or to simply using an existing building, business or space in combination with clever use of actors.


We can help you be immersed in the Past, Present or Future depending on the goal or result that you want to achieve.

We achieve Immersion by suspending reality and bringing people to a different time, space and experience. We are EDGYX. Whether in virtual reality or flesh and blood reality, the singular goal of an immersive experience is to suspend disbelief so totally that one gets wrapped up in the world around them to the exclusion of any other.


Simply put we aim to maximise involvement and seem-less integration of experience and strive to minimise passivity in all of the events, training, entertainment and concepts we produce.


We believe that our dedication to Immersion results in superior results for our corporate clients- experiences that result in repeat or return customers and on the Edge of seat thrills for audiences.


We engage in lateral thinking for our customers and clients keeping on top of the key trends and developments in education, events and entertainment, to offer truly unique experiences.


We sometimes are provocative and unorthodox but always evocative; steadfast that this approach results in innovative solutions that maximise results for you.



We have created some truly unique Immersive training experiences.
Please see some of what we are offering:
EDGYX - Holiday Program Perth

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