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AI Chat Program Outline - 1 day event:

Program Available For Teenagers & Children

  • Setting up an AI Account

  • Creating and Writing Using AI platforms including Chat GPT

  • Creating Video using AI

  • Writing songs and stories using AI

  • Prompt Engineering

  • Using AI effectively requires a different skillset from Coding

  • Using AI for fun/creativity and educational purposes

  • Avoiding the dangers of using AI Chat Gpt

  • Using AI for improved study and learning in school without cheating!

  • Using AI as your own Personal Tutor

  • Same Content for both ages but delivered at their appropriate levels in skills, knowledge and understanding


AI Program Course Outline - 3 day program:

Program Available For Children aged 8 - 12

  • Why AI matters

  • Introducing How AI Works

  • What is Machine Learning?

  • Training Data & Bias

  • Neural Networks

  • Computer Vision

  • Ethics & AI: Equal Access and Algorithmic Bias

  • Ethics & AI: Privacy and the Future of Work

  • AI for Oceans - Certificate

  • Additional - Imagine Cup Junior 2023

Day 2
  • Introduction to BingAI - Safe and Responsible Usage

  • AI in daily life

  • Exploring AI Tools

  • Using AI on Canva

  • Presentation Challenge

  • Editing Pictures using AI on Canva

Day 3

1-Day Events for Kids aged 8-12:

Dates: Not available July 

1-Day Events for Kids aged 13-17:

Dates: Not Available July  2024

Age range:
 8-12 yrs 13-17 yrs High School

Time: These will be 1-day events - 9:00 AM to 3:00PM

Price: $125 

Location: Subiaco 

Devices: Bring your own laptop or tablet

Skill Level:
Beginner, Introduction/Some Experience

Event 2: 3-Day Program

Date: NOT  Running Jan 24

Age range: 8 - 12 years only 

This is a 3-day event - 9:00 AM to 3:00PM

Price: $370

Location: Subiaco Arts Centre and Subiaco Business Centre

Devices: Bring your own laptop or tablet

Skill Level: Beginner Introduction
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AI Chat GPT Programs for Kids in Perth

Help Your Child Discover & Maximize AI GPT


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