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BloomAI AI ChatGPT training workship perth

​For AI & ChatGPT Workshops for Businesses/SMEs and Statutory Agencies please visit our Sister Company BloomAI

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AI & Chat GPT for Educators in Perth

Help Make Education & Teaching Easier with AI & ChatGpt

AI Workshops For Educators

Next Workshop Perth

@SubiSpace Tues 31st Oct

9AM -3PM $299

Workshop Content:

  • Setting up the right AI Chat tool and how to set it up correctly

  • Prompt Engineering for Education - Live Demo & Examples

  • How to Automate Repetitive/Time Consuming educational tasks- communication with parents/class plans/quizzes etc

  •  Generating content & learning resources for various learning styles and abilities

  • Using the technology safely with children

  • Generating progress and achievement reports

  • Discovering how Education Admin staff can use AI Chat GPT to save time easily

  • Principals and Leadership Teams learning how to manage the use of AI Chatgpt in schools

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Who are these workshops for:

  • Principals & Leadership teams

  • Teachers

  • Education administrative Staff

  • Childcare Education Professionals

Who is delivering this Workshop:

  • Stephen Doran with 30 years experience as a teacher and lecturer across primary, high school and third level education. Stephen holds a BA (Hons), studied for an MA in Marketing and also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Education & training

  • Wally Khalid has 5 years experience at the cutting edge of Computer Science and data science in business and holds a BA Computer Science and is currently completing his MSc in Data Science. 

Please note: These are topics covered over various time periods depending on the needs and time dedication a school can give to the workshop and are not exhaustive. Please contact us through the Discover Button below for further information and questions. This a hands practical workshop and not a talk about the future of AI.

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