Billy Carts


A  philosophy that puts the child at the centre of a two way process, engages different learning styles,

and focuses on engaging students in participating and enjoying the learning environment.


Our philosophy is based on adherence to the values of respect and belief that when suitably motivated

any learner can change, learn and lead; A belief that participation and enjoyment create a

respectful and meaningful learning environment for everyone is paramount.

We use:


Facilitation Skills:

You only remember 10% of what someone told you whereas you remember 80% of what you discover for yourself’.

We Customise according to your desired learning outcomes

We appeal to different learning styles

We make Learning relevant and fun


Your Students will experience the following:


  • Designing a Billy Cart

  • Hands on Building a Billy Cart Workshop

  • Building Billy Carts – Team Exercise

  • Driving Your Billy Cart Creation (Billy Cart Time Trial)

  • Following a building procedure as a team

Incursion/Course type


STEM Incursion





Foundation to year 12



Skill Level


Beginner – Intermediate- Advanced Inclusive



Ratio Guarantee


20 – 30 Students Per Workshop

Prerequisites for students







No technology or tools required


Workshop Duration:


70-90 Minutes


Workshop Methodology:


Key Words – Participation, Fun, Practical

STEM Learning:


  • Simple Machines and Engineering

  • Curriculum Mathematical Links

  • Units of Measurement

  • Using Tools

  • Force & Motion

  • Design & Mechanical Drawings


Other Learning:


Leadership & Teamwork & Negotiation Skills


​Workshop Includes:
  • Downloadable Worksheets

  • Design Worksheet

  • Post Workshop Activity to embed learning in the classroom


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