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Billy Carts

Your Students will experience the following:


  • Designing a Billy Cart

  • Hands on Building a Billy Cart Workshop

  • Building Billy Carts – Team Exercise

  • Driving Your Billy Cart Creation (Billy Cart Time Trial)

  • Following a building procedure as a team

Robotic Incursions

Discover the Power of Mini Robots, NAO Humanoid Robots or our Own Australian Humanoid Robot 'BRUCE' which we will utilise in a bespoke workshop for you. Talk with us and Maximse STEM learning for your students.

Intro to Game Design Workshops

EdgyX game building environment which allows users to design, build and play new games. Students will learn basic programming, game design, logic, creativity, and working together.

NAO Robot Incursions

Discover how one of the worlds leading Humanoid robots can help you with STEM inspiration & Learning this year. You can make STEM subjects Easy in 2016 – maximise your classes learning outcomes…and much more

Games Design Incursions

Discover our cutting edge School Incursions in Game Design. From Javascript and HTML and APP Development we guarantee a Unique incursion experience…………….let us know how we can help you.

UAV Workshop

This is a unique incursion experience incorporating real flight time in teams, waypoints and co-ordinates over 2 hours…..and much more


More Information Coming Soon


Discover how easy basic circuit building, motors and creating basic solar power….and much more is for your students with our unique Experimenting programme.

Coding/Computer Programming

Easy and highly engaging introductions to coding and programming, C++, JAVA, Scratch, Python. Discover the future

Robot Workshop Pre-School

Discover how easy it is to utilise Robots for learning, entertainment and more...

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