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This workshop has a experimental and explorative focus.

Learning will take place in a highly engaging and practical manner.


A learning philosophy that puts the child at the centre of a two way process, engages different learning

styles, and focuses on engaging children in participating and enjoying the learning environment.

We use a highly experiential approach designed to engage a broad range senses, and tactile

kineasthethic approaches including engaging bespoke costumes, props and sounds.

We use:


Facilitation Skills:

You only remember 20% of what someone told you, you remember 80% of what you discover for yourself.


Our Workshops:


Fulfill early years learning and development outcomes (1 – 5 years)

Curriculum Linked Learning:


  • We will explore the applications of robotics for children (Science Understanding)


  • Observe and learn about how Humanoid robots work (Science Understanding)


  • Sharing of observation and ideas through role play with our Robot (Science role play)


  • Use of Interaction skills including taking turns and listening to our Robot (Literacy Understanding)


Children will experience the following:
  • Introduction of Robot to children 


  • Interaction and meeting kids – shaking hands, Role Play with kids


  • Dance and Demo of our Robots Skills – leading Kids in a set to Music


  • Story time 


  • Robot asks questions and interacts with Kids


  • Kids are shown the basics of getting the Robot to do what we want it to do


Incursion/Course type







Foundation to Yr. 3



Skill Level





Ratio Guarantee


20-30 Students

Prerequisites for students


None required by Pre-School





None required by Pre-School


Workshop Duration:


70 – 90 Minutes


Workshop Methodology:


This workshop has an experimental and explorative focus. Learning will take place in a highly engaging and practical manner.

Outcome 1 (Identity):


Children have a strong sense of identity, when they:


  • Co-operate – e.g. working collaboratively with others when when creating a story with our Robot


  • Use role play to interact and understand the ‘personality’ of the robot

Outcome 3 (Well-Being):

Children experience a strong sense of well-being when:


  • They use physical activity to express themselves through movements mimicking the features and actions of our Robot


  • Use physical expression to grasp a concept like a Humanoid Robot through first hand interaction and touch i.e. sensors – reactions etc.

Outcome 2 (Community)

Children connect and contribute to their world, when they:


  • Use drama to broaden their understanding of Science and Technology and how it can help people and society when utilised in an appropriate way


  • Explore Effects of technology and science and engineering in an age appropriate manner

Outcome 4 (Learning):


Children are confident and involved learners when:


  • They use role play to investigate and explore new technology – simple differences between humans and robots for example


  • They discuss and think about how robots work and whether they should be allowed to do what they want or be controlled by humans

Outcome 5 (Communication)

Children are effective communicators when they:


  • Communicate and interact verbally and non-verbally with each other in the story and with the Robot

Our Drama and STEM Incursions Deliver:


  • Consolidation and integration of classroom studies into the Australian Curriculum


  • Our Incursions encourage children to, explore, create and develop ideas


  • Qualified and skilled drama specialists deliver your programme


  • Every child will experience all aspects of the experience including dressing up as an astronaut


  • Use of Physical expression to grasp a concept like GRAVITY – Pretending to be an astronaut

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