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Coding/Computer Programming for kids

Coding Incursions

RECOMMENDED FOR FOUNDATION -  Years 3- 8 or 7 to 14 Years

We can deliver Python/Java/Html and many Game Making Incursions for you.

Edgyx program's goal is to allow young children to explore cutting-edge technology and to make them aware of the coding methods. Our special programs coding for kids are designed to enhance their knowledge and promote coding technology among kids. Our coding courses in Perth cover the latest technological changes and provide complete assistance to begin coding right away. Our courses and activities are completely kids friendly. It's much easier - and much more enjoyable - than you ever imagined.


Edyx is an education innovation with the goal of providing every student in every school with the opportunity to learn computer coding. We increase access to coding classes for children in schools, with a particular emphasis on increasing participation by students.


Edgx promotes coding by meeting students of all backgrounds where they are at their skill level, in their schools, and in ways that inspire them to continue learning. The vast majority of students on Edygx come to learn about computer science. Increasing diversity in computer science is central to our efforts, and we encourage every kid to learn more about python, Html and other programming languages. 


Our expert teachers prepare top-notch courses for kids so that every child can learn computer programming and coding in a fun way. 

Why Coding?

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Typically, coding begins with drag-and-drop visual programming, in which children connect blocks to create programmes. By focusing on the logic behind the code, visual programming teaches fundamental concepts without the use of typing or syntax. 


Technology is present in almost every aspect of our daily lives and has revolutionised today's world. Knowing how to code has become a necessary skill for success in school and in the workplace. Coding allows children of all ages to become technology makers by utilising their ability to bring their imaginations to life. Children and teenagers who code excel in math, science, and even reading while learning a skill which will prepare them for future employment. 

Coding is the process of instructing a computer to perform a specific task. Coding is also known as computer programming. These instructions are communicated using a computer-readable language, such as visual blocks, HTML, Python, and other computer programming languages. 


Code is the foundation for our world's technology, from microchips in everyday items such as refrigerators and major appliances to sophisticated programmes that power our cars and buildings. Learning to code has become an important part of a child's education and a wonderful way for them to convey their creativity. Learning to code is an excellent opportunity for kids of all ages to develop problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, as well as the focus and organisation required to see projects through to completion.

What's cool:  
Coding with


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Game making coding using


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Incursion/Course type







Years 3- 8 or 7 to 14 Years



Skill Level


Beginner to Advanced



Ratio Guarantee


20-30 Students per workshop

Prerequisites for students







Downloading Instructions Given to school before commencement

Workshop Duration


90 Minutes


Workshop Methodology:

Innovative blended learning taking account of learning styles and methodologies. The workshops are innovative and highly engaging. 


Students are broken into teams and work collaboratively on all our workshops.

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