RobotIC Incursions



A learning philosophy that puts the learner at the centre of a two way process, engages different learning

styles, and focuses on engaging students in participating and enjoying the learning environment.


Our philosophy is based on adherence to the values of respect and belief that when suitably motivated

any learner can change, learn and lead; A belief that participation and enjoyment create

a respectful and meaningful learning environment for everyone is paramount.

We use:


Facilitation Skills:

You only remember 20% of what someone told you, you remember 80% of what you discover for yourself.


STEM Learning:


  • Mechanics


  • Introduction to Algorithmic/Boolean Logics


  • Electronics


  • Computer Science for Humanoid Robots


  • Understanding Sensors


  • Experience using Coding Skills for practical application


  • Links to Maths & Science Curricula


  • Maths & Physics Concepts for Robotic Applications


  • STEM Training & Exercises


  • Introduction To Object/Speech recognition & Detection


  • Intro to Robotic engineering & Mechatronics

Your Workshop Includes:
  • Expert Robotics & Mechatronics Facilitator

  • Significant time for each Team working Directly with NAO

  • Post workshop Free Access to ‘Choreograph’

Your Students will experience the following:
  • NAO Robot Skills Demonstration – Class Interaction activities


  • Basic Mechanics and electronics in World Class Humanoid Robots


  • How Humanoid robots operate


  • Programming a NAO Robot in teams


  • The Exciting Future of Robots


  • Programming Robots using C ++ and Java


  • Learning about Choreograph

More Learning:


  • Game & Story Creation


  • An introduction to the future of Artificial Intelligence


  • Team Work


  • Project Management


  • Problem Solving


  • Communication Skills & Negotiation

Incursion/Course type


STEM Workshop





Years 5-8



Skill Level


Beginner to Advanced



Ratio Guarantee


24 Students per Workshop

Prerequisites for students


None required





No Software required



Workshop Duration:


2.5 Hours



Workshop Methodology:


This workshop has an experimental and explorative focus. Learning will take place in a highly engaging and practical manner.