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1 to 1 Coding Tutoring

As a parent you may have had your child on an introductory level coding or tech program or had an introduction in school? You and your child maybe frustrated at the lack of tailored focused learning at an appropriate level for your child’s specific learning goals in coding or technology? Or you may have a child with a very specific focus on wanting to learn how to build an App or Game which just cannot be accommodated in a group or classroom setting? Or a child with a natural aptitude for coding who needs to be challenged and is hungry for more!

This is why we decided to offer bespoke 1- 1 tutoring lessons for children who are at whatever level of their tech/coding journey - beginners/advanced or somewhere just in between. We have a preference for delivering this face to face as we believe it is the most effective way of learning for a range of reasons i won't bore you with here; but all the evidence we have and in terms of outcomes leaves us convinced.


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