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Robotics - Holiday Program

Discover how to code, command and build humanoid robots using lego EV3's; Experiment with robotic arms/hands and maximise your child's learning in robotics and mechatronics.

See and experience the latest robotics technology over an action packed 3 days!

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Coding & Game Design - Holiday Program

Does your child have a passion for gaming? This program is all about teaching your kids how to CREATE a game of their own. Over the course of this 3 day program kids will learn the basics of game design from HTML coding to visual programming and design. Educational entertainment at its best.

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Life on Mars Camp

Would Your Child Like To Be Transported To Another Planet Next Holiday?

  • Build & Use Mini Mars Rover Robots

  • Mars Engineering Challenges ( Traverse a Ravine)

  • Design a Mars Prototype Vehicle

  • Building and racing your own rocket

  • Mars Lander Experiment

  • Take part in NASA exercises

  • Play a Martian survival team game



Da Vinci Challenge events, rockets, code breaking, quests, much more….Contact Us for further information.

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