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Delivered by a robotics expert
Discover how to code, command and build humanoid robots using lego EV3's; Experiment with robotic arms/hands and maximise your childs learning in robotics and mechatronics.

See and experience the latest robotics technology. /hands and maximise your childs learning in robotics and mechatronics.

Robot Building Program

Our Program:
  • Discover how to build humanoid robots

  • Code and command robots

  • Building Simple systems using Micro Robot Kits

  • Circuits, Motors, Electronics

  • Building Robotic anatomical parts i.e. Arms and hands

  • Robotic design using Autocad and Photoshop

  • Low Cost Budget Humanoid Robotic Building

  • Understanding and using Gears/Motors/sensors/levers

  • Using Arduino’s and Circuit boards in Robotics and different task applications

  • Multiple EV3 construction configurations

  • Multiple robot mechanical and coding challenges 


Dates: This program includes 6 Saturday Sessions:
            Dates: TBA

Age Range: 8 - 12 years

Skill Level: Beginner - intermediate

Program Investment: $330 Early Bird special inc. GST

Location: Perth Modern School - WA 6008

Hours:  2.00 PM – 5.00PM

Lunch: BYO


*Note:  It is required your child brings a USB and/or is allowed to set up an email address.

First Come - First Served!
About Edgy X Robot Building


The goal of this Program is to let young children explore cutting edge technology,

science and engineering for enjoyment, challenge and learning.

Significant time outside involved in other activities is built into the program.

This is not like school in any way and is carefully facilitated accounting for age range,

experience, learning styles and ability using the different technologies.

We have developed an awesome experience with the help of industry professionals to inspire young

children to enjoy, use and create using some of today’s leading technology and one or two old favourites.


Team work and group work abound over 7 action packed days!

Please Note:

Different Levels - Flexible rotational learning is catered for in designated groups.

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