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By 2020 UAV’s will be a $5bn industry with commercial UAV pilots being able to command salaries in excess of $150,000 per annum.


From mapping and a range of commercial applications to dystopian views of the future where thousands of Drones command our skies; EdgyX has imagined the future of Drones in many exciting ways capable of adding to your event or being the centrepiece of an exciting and interesting future view of how they will be utilised.


From Amazon delivering books to Dominoes delivering Pizza – the potential and applications in the future are amazing. EdgyX is interested in the Event, educative and entertainment value of this technology and works closely with UAV licensed operators to help us produce some of our own events and work with you; our clients to use UAV’s to engage, entertain and excite your customers, clients and partners.


Please contact us below to enquire about using UAV’s at your event.
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